I bought an ILCE Sony A6000 back in 2015. My little Canon Powershot G3 bit the dust. I bought that one back in 2003 and it just wouldn't quit for over 10 years! Pretty good for digital. Do they still make them to last like that?

The Sony E-mount kit lenses - 16-50mm f/3.5 and 55-210mm f/4.5, and I added the Sony E 30mm f/3.5 Macro lens. I want a bigger Macro lens. 90mm to 150mm f/2.8 or something.

I also have a Canon SX50HS.. for those close-up Moon shots.. heh. I actually got it before the Sony and used it for a year and half, before deciding I needed a changeable lens camera.

I started this blog to upload my own photos so that i could participate in other photo blogs to submit to. Nothing more, nothing less.

I like taking photos of a lot of things I find interesting.. mostly flowers. I also have another blog "Phlower Power" to show off my flower photos.

Those Photo Blogs I submit to are in the sidebar. I hope I've piqued your interest.

Thanks for stopping by........

Jun 3, 2011

Camera Sim or SLR Simulator

There's this really cool web site, where you can test settings on a camera and see how the settings turn out.  It's a nice way to practice taking photos on "Manual" or Aperture/Shutter priority. And a chance to see what those settings do in real time.  Here's the link.....

Camera Sim  An SLR Simulator web site.  Practice using an SLR camera...

  Explore with lighting, ISO, aperture, shutter, and distance settings while observing the readings in the camera viewfinder
  Click the Camera Button to take your photo.
  Preview your photo as per the settings you set.