I bought an ILCE Sony A6000 back in 2015. My little Canon Powershot G3 bit the dust. I bought that one back in 2003 and it just wouldn't quit for over 10 years! Pretty good for digital. Do they still make them to last like that?

The Sony E-mount kit lenses - 16-50mm f/3.5 and 55-210mm f/4.5, and I added the Sony E 30mm f/3.5 Macro lens. I want a bigger Macro lens. 90mm to 150mm f/2.8 or something.

I also have a Canon SX50HS.. for those close-up Moon shots.. heh. I actually got it before the Sony and used it for a year and half, before deciding I needed a changeable lens camera.

I started this blog to upload my own photos so that i could participate in other photo blogs to submit to. Nothing more, nothing less.

I like taking photos of a lot of things I find interesting.. mostly flowers. I also have another blog "Phlower Power" to show off my flower photos.

Those Photo Blogs I submit to are in the sidebar. I hope I've piqued your interest.

Thanks for stopping by........

Sep 12, 2011

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge ~ Reflections

The next Bloggers Community Photo Challenge is REFLECTIONS.  Surf on over there and post your own entry, if you are so inclined.
My entry is an old photo I took while touring with Lar in Wyoming and Colorado. I think this was a nice spot up the Poudre Cache River  from WY and over to Red Feather, CO.
As always, just click on the photo to see a larger, more detailed, photo.

And another shot of the same place.

This photo was taken at Sylvan Lake in Custer National Park in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

It's great when Mother Nature provides the spectacular scenery.....

Aug 21, 2011

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge - Water

Water is the next Community Photo Challenge. It so happens Lar and I have just gotten back from a watery vacation. To Lake Kabetogama in Voyageur National Park.  Beautiful country.  We fished every day but only caught one fish and that was just barely a keeper.  We had a relaxing week.
Here's my submission for Water.

Waves lapping at a rock on the lake shore.

 OK.. the boat is a bit small, but perhaps it's destination is the lakeside cabin almost hidden by the tree leaves.

 The cabins at Idlewild Resort, where we stayed.  They're on a cliff over looking the lake.  No air conditioning, but we definitely didn't need it.

Community Photo Challenge - Vanishing Point

The new Bloggers Community Photo Challenges, Vanishing Point,  have been posted a while now.  And we just got back from a week at Kabetogama Lake in the North Country.   Don't forget to click on the photos, below, for the larger view.

 Vanishing Point . The clouds are vanishing into the distance over the horizon.

This is way up North by the Canadian border in Minnesota. Kabetagoma Lake in Voyageurs National Park.

Jun 3, 2011

Camera Sim or SLR Simulator

There's this really cool web site, where you can test settings on a camera and see how the settings turn out.  It's a nice way to practice taking photos on "Manual" or Aperture/Shutter priority. And a chance to see what those settings do in real time.  Here's the link.....

Camera Sim  An SLR Simulator web site.  Practice using an SLR camera...

  Explore with lighting, ISO, aperture, shutter, and distance settings while observing the readings in the camera viewfinder
  Click the Camera Button to take your photo.
  Preview your photo as per the settings you set.

May 25, 2011

Gardening Season + Fencing

I know it's been awhile since I posted here, but we're in garden mode.
We've been planting the gardens, 'in town' and at the 'Pharm'.   It's finally sprung Spring around here. I managed to snap these Crocus before the rabbits ate them a few weeks ago.  And we got finished with the barbed wire, I have air-conditioned clothing now, barbed wire does a number on clothes.
Anyway.... a few new photos.

And Our Fence... From the highway through the pond....
 Up and over the hill....

Around the corner and to the trees.

It'll be cowless this year! yea!

I almost forgot.  If you use your Camera on Manual settings or if you're just starting to, you might like this handy-dandy pocket Cheat Sheet for photography.. just go on over to  How To Geek and download the PDF file for printing it out.  (I am not affiliated or have any connection to HTG except I read his articles.) 

Mar 29, 2011

This is Spring??

I'll submit these spring skies for the SPRING Community Photo Challenge. They look just like the pictures I took in December.  We're still waking up to 11 degrees and it's still a white-out out there.  I'd like to take some nice Early Spring pictures of green grass and maybe a few flower bulbs sticking their heads up through the snow... but , unfortunately, we're still waiting for that event!
Well, just look at those blue skies!    I can think of something Blue....

Lots of deer tracks though.

Jan 24, 2011

More Winter Pharm Photos

I haven't gotten out much in the last month. The freezer zone temperatures have been dipping down below zero lately. Lar and I manage to travel out to the Pharm at least once a week to check on the corn piles we leave out for the deer.
And I just had to replace the 'date' battery in my camera, so I was trying it out to see if the battery was a good one. Batteries don't like sub zero temperatures either, so I only got a couple from the top of the hill. Then some from out the window of the truck....

A Winter Trail...

Turn to the East...

Drive by Cabin Closeup..

Through the Smoke..

And that's about it...